Bills & Payments

Bills for water, sewer and trash pick-up and removal are sent monthly and are due upon receipt.

Payment Options

Paying your bill is easy. You have several different payment options available to you.

  • Pay by mail with a personal check or money order.
  • Pay in person with a personal check, money order or cash.

Fees & Charges

New Accounts
To set up a new water bill service, customer must pay a deposit of $250.00 and a Set-up fee of $25.00 to open a new account.

Additional Fees on Billing Statement
There is a $10.00 late fee charged for bills paid AFTER the 15th.
A $35.00 reconnect fee will be charged if payment is made ON or AFTER the disconnect date.

Return Check Charge
A $30.00 fee is charge if a check is returned for any reason.